The Software Craftsman: Chapters 7 & 8

Chapter 7 titled “Technical Practices” revolves around the use of technical practices from business point of view. Author Mancuso talks about how important is context while implementing such practices. Context needs to be taken into consideration when choosing a more suitable solution to our problems. He states if certain practices are not giving us value anymore, we stop using them. If we find a practice that is better than what we do today, we need to adopt this better practice. As software craftsmen, we should always keep an open mind and choose the best technologies, tools, processes, methodologies, and practices for the job.

Furthermore, this chapter includes few XP practices and its history. It includes: Automated testing, TDD, Continuous integration, Pair Programming, and Refactoring.

Personally, this chapter in depth made me clear about the concept of XP practices, and why it is such usefully to use. It’s not about XP all the times, we all as a team need to discuss what we want to achieve, and according to that we should be adopting certain practices. We ought to always ask ourselves for what valid reason we are doing what we do. Is there anything better that we could do?

Chapter 8, “The Long Road” is about our careers and the things that motivate us to do our day to day work. Author suggests defining the direction we want to go in our careers is important. At the same time, we need to constantly reevaluate our career decisions based on not just our passion but also all the events in our personal and professional lives. We need to put ourselves, we need to create situations where opportunities can be presented to us. Moreover, our careers will always be more important than any specific job or company. Knowledge is forever whereas money, stability, and security are not. We need to understand where we want to be and work hard to get there.

This chapter had some deep thoughts. This chapter counts as a best one till now. I will definitely land myself, on such job, which dives me, which gives me passion to wake to up every morning with smile on my face, and most importantly where I be learning new things.


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